Hello everyone, I have now returned to writing and it feels wonderful! The next series is well underway and I am working on ‘The Voyage and the Library.’ I will spend spring and summer of 2022 working, writing, working, and writing! I look forward to what I call my ‘writing weekends’ where I get away for a few days, relax, and write.

I am also hoping to present The Christmas Party stage play again in December 2022. Keep an eye open for updates on this exciting effort!

Thanks as always for your ongoing support and stay tuned for more updates!


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        Introducing the newest sleuth in the Seagoing Mysteries series!


Margaret Middleton is a hard working librarian who has created a lovely library on the ocean liner where she works. However, her quiet life is often interrupted as she finds herself pulled into a series of ‘whodunits’ while cruising around the pacific coast. She quickly learns that there is a lot more than blissful vacationing happening at sea!

Coming Soon!

I am also proud to present the latest novel in the

Chari Davenport Mysteries series, The Masquerade Party!

The Cross Point district, located in the lovely Pacific Northwest, is a quiet, diverse neighborhood where people usually live together peacefully. Yet, in any community there is also conflict. For this group, chaos, frustration, and confusion will shock their once serene existence. Between the annual masquerade party and new construction on an area park, the happy balance will certainly be tested! Marshall Edmonds is called upon once again to sort through a very messy set of circumstances. When it comes to this particular party, deciding what to wear is crucial!


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