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The Christmas Party
  • ISBN-10: 1535123443

  • ISBN-13: 978-1535123440

Craig Akino, proud owner of the Akino Corporation, runs a tight-ship with his partner James Akers. Each year, Craig and his wife Nika, host their annual Christmas party. Brumbly, the butler, prepares for the party while Craig works on his speech. Craig, however, is having difficulty concentrating after a spat with Nika regarding their son Jonathan. Craig hopes Jonathan will follow in his footsteps, but Jonathan has other plans. Nika and Brumbly make final preparations for the party while Craig retreats to his study, a private room where Nika is forbidden, but she is determined to uncover its secrets.

With the Christmas party in full swing, Craig delivers his speech. As the guests listen, he suddenly becomes violently ill and is later pronounced dead. While investigating Craig’s untimely death family friend, Marshall Edmonds, soon discovers that a lot of time and creativity went into what someone hoped would be the perfect murder

The Office Party
  • ISBN-10: 1539070166 

  • ISBN-13: 978-1539070160 

Carolyn Woodsmith, CEO of the Paintwater Corporation, is found murdered on the day of the office party. To prepare for the party, Marvis Simmons created a giant maze filled of twists and turns. When Carolyn doesn’t arrive to the party, Sasha Talas goes to find her and discovers that Carolyn was bludgeoned to death with one of her own business awards. In addition, one of Paintwater’s most valued clients decided to sue the firm after making a bad investment. A fortune lost, the client learned that the adviser wasn’t qualified to handle the account. Backstabbing and finger-pointing ensue as the staff tries to recover from a stained image.

Marshall Edmonds returns to help unravel the strange events that led to Carolyn Woodsmith’s death. It isn’t long before be reveals that like the maze, the Woodsmith case is full of twists and turns, backstabbing and mayhem, and circumstances that could only happen in the office!

The Birthday Party: Family Reunions Can be Murder!
  • ISBN-10: 1541380347

  • ISBN-13: 978-1541380349

The mystery at the old mill is a deep-rooted secret that haunts the Hersel family. While most of the family would like to forget the past, two cousins have turned the decades-old mystery into a treasure hunt. Originally designed to be a children’s game, the pursuit of fortune soon becomes an obsession, but not just for the two cousins. When the relatives gather to celebrate Aunt Bert’s 80th birthday, the old mystery quickly resurfaces. The family is forced to come to terms with the mystery and a murder. Marshall Edmonds returns to help his son sort through the Hersel past. Yet, he must first solve the mystery at the old mill and he will soon discover that the past and the present have a lot in common!

The Masquerade Party
  • ISBN-10: 1545089027

  • ISBN-13: 978-1545089026 

The Cross Point district located in the lovely Pacific Northwest, is a quiet, diverse neighborhood where people usually live together peacefully. Yet, in any community there is also conflict. For this group, chaos, frustration, and confusion will shock their once serene existence. Between the annual masquerade party and new construction on an area park, the happy balance will certainly be tested! Marshall Edmonds is called upon once again to sort through a very messy set of circumstances. When it comes to this particular party, deciding what to wear is crucial!

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